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About EEOB

Within the Biological Sciences, studies of ecology, evolution, and organismal biology are essential in understanding the complex relationships of life on Earth.

From the interactions between organisms and their environment to the interrelationships of species; from the diversity of life to the structure of individual organisms, EEOB offers a variety of ways to examine life on our world.

Academic Degrees Related to EEOB

Undergraduate Study

Students interested in the areas of ecology, evolution, and organismal biology should consider a major in biology, environmental science, or genetics. The Biology, Environmental Science, and Genetic majors prepare students for a wide range of careers in biological sciences.


Graduate Study

Graduate students have the opportunity to work beside more than 20 faculty members and more than 35 fellow graduate students. EEOB offers graduate work leading to both a Masters of Science (M.S.) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. EEOB students major in one of several interdepartmental majors.