March 21, 2018
Graduate student Ann Marie Gawel was named a 2018 recipient of the Katherine S. McCarter Graduate Student Policy Award. This award provides Gawel and nine other graduate students with the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for policy experience and training. The students will travel to D...
February 02, 2018
Erica Baken (PhD) has been recognized with a 2018-2019 Brown Graduate Fellowship, providing her with a scholarship for the upcoming academic year. Awarded annually, the Brown Graduate Fellowship advances Iowa State research in the areas of science, agriculture and space science that are...
January 25, 2018
January 16, 2018
After receiving her Ph.D. in 2010, Dr. Claudia Ceballos Fonseca returned to her home country of Colombia. She now serves as an Associate Professor at the Veterinary Medicine School of the University of Antioquia. Over the last seven years, she has worked on several research studies on...
December 11, 2017
October 23, 2017


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