Sheryl Bell photo
Assistant Scientist II
Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Ecology
Dr. Ola Checinska-Sielaff photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Soil Microbial Ecology
Adam Dolezal
Postdoc Research Associate
Behavioral Ecology, Insect Physiology, Honey Bee Biology
Rachel Fleck
Research Associate II
Evan Fricke
Postdoc Research Associate
Lois Girton
Academic Adviser III, Biology and Genetics, Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Genetics
Genetics, Learning Community
Robin Gogerty
Secretary III
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Environmental Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Wetland Hydrology and Environmental Mixing
Corrinne Grover profile picture
Associate Scientist
Evolutionary Genomics
Jacki Hayes
Program Assistant II
Graduate Students, Departmental Communications
Postdoc Research Associate
Honey bee nutrition and health
Postdoc Research Associate
Evolutionary Biology
Jim Holtz
Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services- Biology, Environmental Science, Genetics, Academic Adviser III
Plant Biology, Biology
Dr. Guanjing Hu photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Evolution and Development, Plant Evolutionary Genomics
Dr. Wenjuan Huang photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Ecosystem Ecology, Global Change
Emily Kapler
Student Services Specialist II, Transfer Student Coordinator
Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology, Botany
Dr. Ashley D Keiser photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry
Deborah Lewis
Curator III
Iowa Floristics, Systematics, Curation
Greenhouse Manager
Horticulture, Plant Production
Samuel McDeid
Research Associate
Physiography, Spatial Dynamics
Janet L McMahon photo
Administrative Specialist III
Fiscal Management
Eric Moody
Postdoc Research Associate
Ecosystem Ecology
Christopher G Myers photo
Teaching Laboratory Associate
Environmental Science, Biology, Paleoclimatology
Postdoc Research Associate
Evolutionary Genomics, Chromosome Evolution
Picture of Ryan Sanderson
Systems Support Specialist III
Computers, Research IT, Software
Chanda L Skelton photo
Teaching Laboratory Coordinator
Lab Manager
Ecology, Herpetology, Invasive Species
 Sue Sprong photo
Secretary II
Undergraduate Student Services
David Stein
Research Associate
Community Ecology, Insect Ecology, Restoration Ecology
Greg A Stenback photo
Associate Scientist,
Nutrient Dynamics in Wetlands, Numerical Modeling
Brittany R Tawes photo
Teaching Laboratory Associate
Biology, Behavioral Ecology, Evolution and Development
Dr. Joseph W Veldman photo
Research Associate
Plant and Fire Ecology, Conservation Biology
Li Wang
Postdoc Research Associate
Population Genetics, Plant Evolutionary Genomics, Molecular Phylogenetics
Lauren N Westerdale photo
Student Services Specialist II, First Year Coordinator
Undergraduate Student Services, Biology, Learning Community
Linda M. Westgate
Teaching Laboratory Coordinator Sr
Biology, Biodiversity, Chemistry
Richard L Williams
Program Coordinator I
Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Sustainability
Dr. Zhiqiang Wu photo
Post Doctoral Research Associate
Evolutionary Genomics, Evolution of Chromosomes, Dosage Compensation in Turtles
Dr. Zhen Yu photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Global Change Biology, Ecosystem Ecology, RS&GIS